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New Capital Market is a secured online investment platform with the prime objective of returning high profits to our investors.

New Capital Market focuses on trading very volatile cryptocurrences which are capable returning high profits within the shortest time frame.

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Our History

The Idea of New Capital Market was conceived in the early days of Bitcoin(Cryptocurrency) invention. Our CEO Daniel Nestor has been a successful Forex trader several years before the invention of Bitcoin(Cryptocurrency), he ventured into it as soon as came to limelight but because of the high volatility of Cryptocurrency unlike Fiat currency his trade were highly unsuccessful at first. He understood that a deeper study of this new invention can reveal skills in harnessing the opportunities which he has envisaged in this new world of Cryptocurrency. He partnered with two FOREX experts that were his friend and they successfully deciphered a reliable way to trade profitably on a very high volatile currency - BITCOIN.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help many people all over the world to benefit from our services. Our platform comprise of experienced cryptocurrency traders, forex trader and stocks investors who are happy to help you grow your wealth with their skills. We hope to make everyone a beneficiary of our sea of knowledge. You do not need any knowledge of how previous investment knowledge before you can start investing. You just need to create an account, relax and let your money work for you.

Our Vision

Our vision is a web3 world where people do not have to stress themselves in order to earn. Our journey has been fruitful so far and we are very optimistic that we will affect more lives positively through our relentless effort in improving our services.

Our Key Strength


Our company is a legitimate and registered investment company under USA government supervision with license of operation. our site are well protected by an anti- DDOS server.

Safe & Secured

Our cryptic technologies ensures that your funds are safe from theft or hackers.

Professional Support

Our customer support is available 24/7 to assist you.

High Returns

Regardless of your experience level or what investment route you choose, you are guaranteed exceptional returns on your crypto asset investment with us.

Fast Transactions

Our processing systems runs on a swift crypto transaction processor eliminating delays & enabling us to carry out your payments at amazing speed.

Trusted Globally

We help crypto enthusiasts, fx traders and stock investors all over the world to invest and grow the dollars into millions. We have over 1.2 million happy customers.

Meet our lovely team

We are committed to our promise, we don't make promises, we deliver them.

Daniel Nestor Chief Executive Officer/President New Capital Market

Daniel Nestor

Chief Executive Officer/President
Christine Reinhold Vice President New Capital Market

Christine Reinhold

Vice President
Grant Connell Executive Director New Capital Market

Grant Connell

Executive Director
Glenn 	Frédéric Executive Director New Capital Market

Glenn Frédéric

Executive Director
Robert Bédard Executive Director New Capital Market

Robert Bédard

Executive Director
Wright Loveth Executive Director New Capital Market

Wright Loveth

Executive Director
Nisarg Patel Chief Accountant New Capital Market

Nisarg Patel

Chief Accountant
Mike Belkin Chief Analyst New Capital Market

Mike Belkin

Chief Analyst